The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator

The coordination of the UN development system at the country level, is led by the UN Resident Coordinator, Birgit Gerstenberg. The Resident Coordinator leads and strategically positions the United Nations country team in support of national priorities, development strategies, and plans towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator (UN RCO) supports the RC and UNCT providing strategic and integrated support from the expertise and assets of the entire UN system, through core coordination functions:

  1. Strategic analysis and planning
  2. Oversight of the UN country programming cycle
  3. Representation and support of UN Secretariat and UN agencies
  4. Support to national coordination systems and processes
  5. Development and management of shared operational support services
  6. Crisis management and preparedness response
  7. External communication and advocacy
  8. Human rights and development
  9. Joint resource mobilization and fund management
  10. General UNCT oversight and management